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Overcoming Depression May Be Easier Than You Think

If you are depressed you are not alone, it is currently the world's fourth most debilitating condition (WHO)2020 with more than 264 million sufferers – of all ages.

We are conditioned to believe the only answer is medication. However, there is another way, without side-effects. In fact, the only side-effects with this way are clearer thinking, calmness, confidence and a sense of control.

Do you know how our brains help us with unconscious searches? Did you ever walk down the street and see someone you know, but couldn't remember where from or their name? A couple of hours went by or the next day, what happened, did you remember? Usually, you will because even without you being aware your mind went through stored information in your memory and brought you the answer. How helpful! The problem is that your mind doesn't know the difference between a positive search and a negative search. A positive search is helpful like the example above. A negative search goes like this, "Oh dear Im not looking forward to today, I know I won't cope." Your mind then goes off on a search to find memories of when you didn't cope and how bad that felt. Not very helpful at all.

Being overly positive doesn't help either. Phrases such "I can" or "I will" cause the law of reversed effect. For example have you ever laid in bed and tried to sleep? It just doesn't happen.

The good news is that a suitably qualified and experienced hypnotherapy depression specialist will help you to 'retrain your brain' to help rather than hinder your mental state to overcome depression and anxiety easily and quickly.

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