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Amanda Evans Begins Partnership with the Reproductive Health Group

Evidence shows that a range of complementary therapies including hypnotherapy and other treatments can help boost fertility - this is why Amanda is delighted to become a partner with the Reproductive Health Group in Cheshire. Offering patient-focused, personalised care, Amanda is keen to offer support to clients to extend or begin their families.

Amanda began to specialise in fertility around 5 years ago when she had a significant success with a client who was undergoing IVF treatment.

She helped her client to lift a psychological block which encouraged the production of healthy eggs on both ovaries where previously she had produced minimal eggs on one side. They worked together through the IVF process and her subsequent pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby! This patient then recommended Amanda to other patients who also needed help with fertility issues and her success in this field has inspired her to specialise further.

Amanda's role is to help clients work with the conscious and unconscious mind to enhance fertility, through all stages of fertility treatment, pregnancy and birth - a role she finds incredibly rewarding - especially when she receives photos from delighted and proud parents of their beautiful new born babies!

For more details about how Amanda may be able to help you, please contact her today.

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