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Top 5 Reasons to See a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy, when carried out by a skilled clinician, is not just an aid to counselling it is a combination of ‘therapy’ and ‘hypnosis’. The therapy part speaks for itself - the hypnosis element helps the patient to attain a level of consciousness so the therapy can reach a deeper level of the mind, enabling the part of the patient that wants to change to move forward more quickly and easily.

Here are five of the main reasons clients go to see a hypnotherapist for help and support, giving them the chance to live life more freely:

1.Phobias & Fears.

Terrified of spiders? Do you want to go on holiday but can’t face the flight? There are many things that people are afraid of and they may or may not know why. Hypnotherapy treatments can resolve this so you can book that sunny holiday!

2.Smoking Cessation

Smoking is harmful and expensive. With the average smoker spending a huge £3000 per year on cigarettes, it’s easy to see why so many people want to stop forever. But this is easier said than done. Hypnotherapy can help people to stop for good, allowing them freedom from the smell, potential health risks and releasing funds for other, nicer pastimes.

3.Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are illnesses that can seriously weigh you down and can be felt as strong as physical pain. With emerging proof that medication can be less effective than we had previously been led to believe, hypnotherapy is an excellent choice for treating depression and anxiety.

4. Weight Control

Cravings, feelings, habits and challenging times can all affect our weight, making us feel lethargic, affect our confidence, or make us worry about our health. Hypnotherapy can put you back in charge.

5. Grief & Loss

Throughout a person’s lifetime there will likely be times when they will experience loss. Getting support to manage the associated feelings that are a natural part of grieving; understanding to work through those feelings may help you to look forward in a more positive way.

The range of issues that Clinical Hypnosis can help you with is extensive, and it’s always best to ensure that the Hypnotherapist choose has the correct certification and qualifications.

To discuss any of the issues above with Amanda, please contact her today to schedule a consultation.

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